The Top Five Reasons People Fail Online

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In a nutshell, to build a profitable web business you need to:

  1. attract an audience
  2. share content
  3. make sales

You can achieve all of the above easier, faster and better now with OptimizePress 2.0.

Online marketers and businesses owners have been using OptimizePress on their WordPress websites since 2011 and have since generated millions of dollars in sales thanks to the well designed templates that came with the original theme that James Dyson and his team designed. The OptimizePress layouts sent conversions through the roof and the designs became an industry standard when it came to squeeze pages (text and video), sales pages and membership areas.

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With OptimizePress 2.0 this has evolved even more to simplify the success you have when it comes to creating marketing websites for your business.

OptimizePress 2.0 makes it possible to emulate authority leaders in your industry

Ask yourself these questions:

  • what if you could build authoritative premium websites for your business that look stunning on any device?
  • what if you could customise your pages without the need for coding skills and deliver content to your audience that makes you an instant authority?
  • what if you could do all of this in a matter of minutes and not hours?

James Dyson has broken down the way successful entrepreneurs and marketers build websites that sell and convert more and has redefined how that is delivered to ordinary business owners like you and I.

The 5 core pillars that establish, grow and convert an online audience & what most people fail to understand

1. Appearance makes the difference

Whether you like it or not. how your website looks matters. You only have a few seconds to impress a visitor and what you can be sure of is that your visitors will judge your website by its looks.

build websites with optimizepress

Build high converting websites with OptimizePress

Web design can be daunting and confusing. You can outsource it but that takes time and can be expensive, and it’s not guaranteed that the person you outsource the work to will understand what you want or even share and support your vision.

OptimizePress 2.0 solves this issue – landing pages, sales pages, membership pages and authority business websites within a few minutes that look great and work perfectly.

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2. Mobile responsive matters

Arguably the most important thing in this day and age is that your website works on mobile devices.

84% of US mobile owners have used mobile to shop in the last month.

Almost everything we do these days can be done on a mobile device or a tablet like the iPad so it’s important then, as a marketer, to give your audience access to your content and products on their mobile devices.

optimizepress 2.0 mobile friendly responsive websites

OptimizePress 2.0 templates are all 100% mobile responsive out of the box

1 in 3 minutes spent online is on a mobile device so a responsive website has quickly become a requirement instead of a nice option to have.

OptimizePress 2.0 has mobile responsiveness built in as standard to all its themes and layouts – no extra work needed.

a guide to mobile responsiveness optimizepress

Your web pages will automatically scale down to iPads, iPhones, and other smartphones to give your users a seamless experience when browsing and sharing your content.

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3. Technology

Technical aspect of marketing online holds back most people from the success that they work hard to achieve.  Nowadays, though, you don’t need to be an ‘Internet Einstein’ to make it work because of the amount of easy-to-use tools available on the market such as OptimizePress.

The simple solution of making money online: connect your solution with a hungry audience.

Why do most people still fail? It’s because technology gets in their way. When they see things like HTML, CSS, PHP, API, FTP  it can get confusing. If you are limited by tech, your results are limited too.

OptimizePress takes out any need to know coding

OptimizePress takes out any need to know coding

With OptimizePress your tech worries are over – no need for any code or jargon. It’s all point and click. The 100% visual editor means you can edit pages without any coding whatsoever and see the changes you are making in real-time on your screen.

Your only limitation with OptimizePress is your imagination.
– James Dyson

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 4. Authority

It’s vital that you are seen as professional, trustworthy and reliable before a visitor will buy from you or your website. You need your audience to react in the way you want them to and OptimizePress makes this easy. All online businesses are about your list of followers, raving fans and customers who will repeat buy from you and shout about your products to their own audience and networks online. This is why authority is important when it comes to selling online – you need to be seen as the go-to person for what you do.

Become an online authority quickly with OptimizePress 2.0

Become an online authority quickly with OptimizePress 2.0

Authority is not only for the big boys anymore or those with big budgets. With OptimizePress 2.0 you can create a powerful high impact blog to fit your brand image and showcase your authority.

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5. Time to market

The faster and more frequently you get your message to your audience the faster your business grows and higher your income. Developments in products and offers online move at lightening speed so you need to make sure you are moving too rather than staying still.

You need to have a highly converting landing page and stunning sales pages that turn your visitors into customers.

You will be amazed at how easy OptimizePress 2.0 is to to use to create amazing marketing pages for your website that sell more.

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