The Anatomy of A Successful Squeeze Page

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Squeeze pages have quickly become a popular way for Internet marketers to ethically compile an email database of prospective buyers. With a squeeze page, you can get a prospect’s email address to update them on the development of your product or service or even offer an incentive to buy via email. Once you receive their email addresses, you can send out emails with marketing collateral or deliver a mail-based service to a well-targeted audience. This is otherwise known as “email marketing”.

income diary squeeze page

Example of a successful IncomeDiary squeeze page

On this page, I’ll tell you what needs to go on your squeeze page to generate more leads who actually want to be marketed to because they are interested in buying your product, or at least finding out more information. We are only interested in buyers here and the following elements all add to the conversion rate of a squeeze page. We are not interested in people who are merely looking to browse around.

A Direct and Relevant Headline

This seems like fairly obvious advice but many marketers fail to follow it. In a survey by the Nielsen Norman Group, they found that 92% of the respondents reacted negatively to online ads that didn’t say what they were for. Tell your visitors exactly what your page gives them. The headline of your squeeze page needs to be the attention grabber, and making it a larger font size is not what I mean. Make sure the words and language you use in your headline is powerful and crisp. You have only a few seconds to convince a person that they need to stay on your page. Make them count.

92% of the respondents reacted negatively to online ads that didn’t say what they were for.

Headline tip: make the headline of your squeeze page the end or desired result of the product being offered (even for a free product). Think about what the customer will get or achieve by using your product and make that outcome your headline. So for example if your product was an ebook about how to treat hair loss in men the desired outcome would be to slow down or stop hair loss or even to grow hair back so your headline should emphasise this outcome.

optimizepress review squeeze page

A List Of All The Benefits You’re Offering

Notice that the heading states ‘Benefits’ and not ‘Features’. You need to tell people what your product or service can do for them, not how. If your product is a game that runs on an advanced graphics engine, don’t tell them the name of the engine; show them how great it looks! The graphics chip used is the feature and the amazing realistic and life-like graphics is the benefit. This section comprises the remaining content on your page and the copy needs to be compelling. If your headline gets people to look, your benefits have to convince them to stay. You can add a video to make it more interactive (various split tests also show that video squeeze pages convert higher than non-video squeeze pages) but make sure you keep it short. Most people skimp out on video material for their squeeze page and offer them as an opt-in bribe instead.

If your headline gets people to look, your benefits have to convince them to stay.

ONE Form Field

successful squeeze page elements

Less resistance with fewer sections to fill out

Stick to your objective, which is to get the customers email address. The only input-field that a squeeze page needs is a place for the prospect’s best email address. If you’re asking for additional information like their name or occupation, there’s nothing to stop a person from thinking you’re harvesting their info to spam them. Make sure the preceding copy on the page provides ample info on what the prospect is getting by entering his or her email address. And most importantly: if there’s a bribe, make sure it’s ethical. It needs to be something created by you and it needs to be in the prospect’s inbox shortly after they type in their email address.

Take away all resistance in the opt-in form. The less your visitor needs to fill out, the higher chance that they will opt-in.

End With A Privacy Policy

People have been spammed far too much to easily trust any website with their email address nowadays. So give your prospects a short paragraph stating your intent and giving them peace of mind that you won’t sell/spam/rent their email address. It can even be a single sentence saying that you won’t misuse the email address they give you. If you have a more detailed privacy policy then include it as a link that opens up inside the page.

Is that it?

Of course there are plenty more elements to a successful squeeze page than the few that I have covered here. Things like strong calls-to-action buttons, testimonials, images etc can all make a difference to the success or failure of a squeeze page so you shouldn’t assume that this is all there is to know.

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