The OverlayOptimizer – New Feature Added to OptimizePress 2.0

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James Dyson has published a new feature that is now built in to the latest update of OptimizePress 2.0. It’s called “The OverlayOptimizer” and is essentially an opt-in box to capture leads that overlays on your website when clicked.

Here is the official update from the team at OP2 and I have copied it here for your convenience:

the overlay optimizer op2

When a visitor lands on one of your web pages we have limited time to engage their interest, in most cases only a few seconds. It is therefore imperative that your pages draw attention and action from every visitor.

There really are two parts to this process, and our NEW FEATURE RELEASE, combines them perfectly.

Part 1 – Engagement

Capturing your visitors curiosity enough so that they are intrigued by your content.

Part 2 – Commitment

Getting them to take action, whether that is to click, to watch, to opt- in, or to buy.

One of the best things we can do to improve on our website conversion, is ensure that the action required from the visitor is clear and requires minimum commitment. Engaging the visitor to click a link or button before watching a video or submitting a web form, is more likely to produce the completion of the process. By getting minimal commitment in the initial instance, we can get a visitor to take more involved actions (we are looking for ways to implement these “micro-committments” throughout the conversion funnel).

The OptimizePress development team have been working hard on a NEW FEATURE that is going to increase the engagement and commitment of your visitors. Boosting your conversion goals, whether those goals are web form submissions, online sales, greater interaction with content  or customer referrals…

What Is The New OverlayOptimizer Feature?

Its purpose is to help you create pages that are simple in design, but effective at capturing engagement and encouraging commitment.

get overlay optimizer op2

The New OverlayOptimizer Tool inside OptimizePress 2.0

This NEW OverlayOptimizer feature has been a long time in the making, it has great flexibility and numerous uses, which I will explain further in a moment.

OverlayOptimizer will allow you to combine elements of your pages…

Thus… engaging the attention of visitors, defusing doubt and skepticism, and drawing commitment from clicks.

How Does OverlayOptimzer Work?

Using the OverlayOptimizer is very simple, there’s just a few steps to adding the OverlayOptimizer to your pages.

Step 1: Inside the LiveEditor, select the OverlayOptimizer from the element browser and choose the trigger button or image for your overlay from the style options.

Add the OverlayOptimizer anwhere on your pages

Add the OverlayOptimizer anwhere on your pages

Step 2: Next, simply add any elements you want to include on your overlay in the OverlayOptimizer content section on the page

Step 3: Publish your page and your OverlayOptimizer will be ready to go!

Edit the OverlayOptimizer to your hearts' content !

Edit the OverlayOptimizer to your hearts’ content !

 The video above shows in more detail how this works, and we have a video series showcasing some clever ways to use the OverlayOptimizer, coming next week.

How You Can Use OverlayOptimizer

  • Create 2-Step Opt-in Processes
  • Create custom overlays that contain video (training or in-depth content videos)
  • Create overlays to show more detailed information(text) on your product or service
  • Create an overlay order box with an order button and purchasing details
  • Load your training videos in overlay boxes for a clean uncluttered look
  • Create clickable elements that produce overlays
  • Create overlays that contain images/video/text
  • Drop in custom HTML to the overlay
  • The OverlayOptimizer is really only limited by your imagination.

The good news is that this NEW FEATURE is available now to all users that have upgraded to the latest version of the OptimizePress platform 2.1.9 (this is available inside the members hub now or via your WordPress Dashboard if your hosting supports automatic updates).

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