OptimizePress™ 2.0 Call To Action Button Creator

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James Dyson has released another OptimizePress™ 2.0 preview video (see above!) to showcase one of the new features before the official launch later this month. The new feature is called the ‘Button Creator System’ and it’s pretty much what it says on the tin – a feature where you can create your own call-to-action buttons for your landing pages, sales pages and opt-in forms made using OP2.

From the OP2 blog:

“This unique and powerful system allows you to create custom buttons that look how you want.  Here’s a few things you can do with the button creator:

  • Change the text of your button – so you can customise your call to action, and even use foreign language text
  • Customise the font and font size – ensure the button fits your branding perfectly
  • Change the color of the button, add a gradient, or even modify the color of the text on your button
  • Add a drop shadow to increase the impact and visibility of your button on the page
  • Add complex inner shadows to get the “3D” effect you want
  • Choose from our range of pre-made buttons inside the button designer if you don’t want to create your own, or use our pre-made buttons as a starting point

The button creator is just one of the many new and powerful features inside the New OptimizePress™, which launches late July 2013.”

I, for one, cannot wait to start using OptimizePress™ 2.0 and all the new features that James has packed into it.

What new features are you hoping OP2 brings? Leave a comment below to let me know!

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