How To Make A Great Sales Page

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The essential prerequisite to making a great sales page is having a great product or service to sell. Assuming that you’ve got that in place, you will also need the tools to execute the concepts that I’ll help you create. Make sure you have designers, coders or a marketing tool (like OptimizePress 2.0) to create your sales page or your planning won’t amount to an effective campaign.

With those initial tips out of the way, I’ll move on to what you need to keep in mind to create an effective sales page.

Place Your Page And Content Appropriately

I say page as well as content because you need to make sure your sales page is presented to a prospect in the right way. If a consumer is logging on to your website for the first time, it would be less than optimal to have a sales page as a landing page. They’d have no context to easily understand your product/service. Make sure you place your sales page in such a way that the consumer knows what he or she is getting into.

Buy Now Orange

The objective is to sell.

The content of your page needs to be appropriately placed and informative too. If you have a trial period then make sure you mention it. But don’t give it more prominence than your call-to-action.

Remember: your objective is to sell.

Include Testimonials

Remember what I said about having a great product and/or service to sell? You need to reinforce this through real people and real facts. Send out test-runs of your project (ideally) to prominent web personalities or anyone that can be verified as a real person and ask for their honest feedback. You can include the best ones in your sales page as testimonials. This acts as social proof and can increase conversions.

testimonial optimizepress

An example of one of my testimonials from a sales page

People like hearing about what other people have to say about your product or service rather than the brand or person selling it (obviously you are going to say good things about your own product!).

Create A Compelling Call-To-Action

All points on your sales page need to be a lead-up to a simple and effective call-to-action. Like the famous saying goes, “Always be closing.” This doesn’t imply that you need to be selling throughout your copy. But selling is your end objective and your page needs to directly or indirectly get people to click on your call-to-action.

Trust your product as something that people really want to buy and make your call-to-action prominent and powerful.

Can your product or service be purchased online? Include your payment options and method in your call-to-action, so that you don’t take people on a roundabout if they do want to buy your product.

Optimize Away

Optimization is the last and most important part of your sales page. Create it and then tweak it through split-tests based on what your analytics tell you. You can even obtain a plugin that saves you the trouble of having to manually create a new page such as Visual Web Optimizer.

Use Visual Web Optimizer to split-test sales pages

Use Visual Web Optimizer to split-test sales pages

Colours and text sizes are just some of the things you need to continually optimize for best results. Practice makes perfect and in the case of selling – perfection makes perfect.

Recommended Sales Page Creator

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