How To Add An Exit Popup Box on OptimizePress 2.0

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Last week James Dyson and the OptimizePress 2.0 team announced a brand new feature to the Overlay Optmizer function of this brilliant theme. You can now easily setup an exit popup box for lead generation and email capture as part of your OptimizePress 2.0 website without using any third party plugins (I used to use Popup Domination 2.0 a lot in the past)

The New Exit Popup Feature For Your OptimizePress 2.0 Website

Here is a nice little tutorial showing you how to use the new feature which is called ‘Overlay Pop Exit Intent’. It is used as part of the OverlayOptimizer feature that was announced a few months ago so you will need to ensure you are using the latest version of the theme and also of WordPress to avoid any compatibility issues.

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What Is An Exit Popup or ‘Overlay Pop Exit Intent’ Box?

The simplest way of describing what this does is as follows:

When someone tries to leave your website a box pops up with a call to action on it to deter the visitor leaving your website and doing ‘something’ before they leave.

The most common type of exit popup is when it asks you whether you really want to leave the page and gives you an option to stay and subsequently receive some sort of a special offer or discount. They are also often used with opt-in forms as part of the box in order to build your mailing list and put someone into the start of your sales funnel.

Here’s some example uses of the Overlay Pop Exit Intent box:

  • Offer your primary lead magnet (a free PDF download for example)
  • Show links to your best content (to keep visitors on your site for longer)
  • Offer a PDF version of the article they are reading
  • Survey your customers
  • Pre-order for you next event
  • Ask a burning questions (see example below)

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Here is an example that OptimizePress use on their blog post announcing this new feature. It is an example used by Quicksprout on their website:

quicksprout exit popup box

How To Create A Time-Delay Popup For Your WordPress Website Using OptimizePress 2.0

This new feature also comes with a time-delay option rather than just the exit popup option. Below is a video showing you how to use the time-delay version instead of the exit version:

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What do you think of this new OptimizePress 2.0 feature? Leave a comment below if you need any help using this feature.

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