First-Look Preview: The New OptimizePress™ 2.0

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James Dyson has finally announced that OptimizePress™ 2.0 is launching this month (July 2013)

Watch the video below to see a preview of what OP2 will be like and comment below to let us know if you will be buying it or not. You should also pre-register to get OptimizePress™ 2.0 launch updates and special launch discounts.

If you buy OptimizePress™ 2.0 via this blog, you get a $134 OP2 bonus product for FREE. Find out how to claim your BONUS gift here…

I’m really excited about this launch because, quite frankly, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve spoken to James a few times over a Skype call and by email about why it’s taken as long as it has to launch OptimizePress™ 2.0 and contrary to what people think it’s purely because he wanted it to be the absolute best possible product in terms of design, functionality and usability before he launched it.

Now, I was already a massive fan of OP1 and I used it for so many of my own websites for squeeze pages, membership sites and long copy sales pages, which makes me even more excited that OP2 is just around the corner now. If you’ve seen the preview video for OP2 you’ll see how different it is and how much James has worked to create an industry changing product, AGAIN!

I’ve supported OP1 since it was launched a few years ago and OP2 has my complete backing too. So much so that i’m going to offer you a bonus product that i’m creating which is a recording of a live interview with James Dyson himself where I ask him how to actually use OP2 in the best possible way so that it works FOR you to generate you more leads and opt-ins, more sales, better conversions and helps to build your authority online. There’s no better place to get that information than from the guy who created the whole thing in the first place! From the conversations i’ve had with James recently, this is really going to be a game changer so make sure you pre-register for OP2 right now to get the special launch offers as well as my bonus as a thank you for buying via my link.

That’s all for now and make sure you keep an eye out for more OP2 videos from my when it launches later this month.

Watch The New OptimizePress™ 2.0 Preview Video


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