How To Create A Landing Page With LeadPages in 3 Easy Steps

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Creating the right landing page is a must for businesses to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive online marketplace. A landing page is a place where you lead your potential customers and direct them to accomplish a specific action – it can be signing up for your email newsletter, registering for a webinar, downloading a PDF, video or e-book, subscribing to your list and more. With the right landing page strategy, you could increase your sales, obtain new customers, keep existing ones loyal and basically improve your business bottom line.

Building landing pages: The inside scoop  

However, not all landing pages are equal. You need to find the style and technique that will work according to the unique needs and preferences of your target market. A few lines of text and a big red button saying “Join Now” does not a landing page make. Just like any other primary marketing tool, it should be designed and built accurately to directly increase conversion.

leadpages template types

LeadPlayer™ Page Templates

Traditionally, making an effective landing page takes advanced technical skills and a high level of understanding of how landing page software works. It will take a lot of programs, a long time and intensive labor. But not anymore — this has changed after LeadPages was introduced to the market. With this innovative landing page software, you can now build the best landing page in the fastest and easiest way possible, even without coding knowledge.

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Three basic steps to create powerful landing pages

Here is a basic guide on how to create a landing page using LeadPages:

1. Choose a template from the gallery

LeadPages has lots of pre-made templates for you in your account. They are all tried and tested formats for various types of squeeze pages which you can even sort by conversion rate. This is a handy way of seeing if the template you are using has been successful for others in terms of converting visitors into leads and opt-ins.

free landing page templates, leadpages

Choose from over 60 landing page templates

2. Customize the template according to your needs

Here are some of the elements you can change on any LeadPages site:

– Change the look, position and content of the opt-in text and button text. No need to switch to preview mode to see how it looks like – you can view the page as the menu fades out.

– Go to the Basic Page Settings section to tailor the page title, description, keywords for SEO and analytics code.

– Go to the Style Settings section to modify the colors of your button background, button hover and button background hover.

– Upload your own images and use them to add your business logo and change the page background.

leadpages, landing page, squeeze page

Change the settings on your landing page template

3. Choose from the following options on how you will use the page 

For download: Save your landing page file in your server. It will automatically connect with the resources it needs from the LeadPages server.

For hosting: Save your file and opt for LeadPages to host it. You will be provided the landing page URL.

For WordPress: Install your page to WordPress using the specific plug-in. You can then designate your choice of URL.

wordpress landing page, leadpages

How to publish a LeadPages landing page

Once you have completed these steps, you will have a landing page ready to start driving traffic to and collecting data. It’s then up to you to split test and measure which version of your squeeze page is working better.

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