A Review Of Premise – The Marketing Pages Plugin For WordPress

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get premise review bonusIf you’re hoping to use WordPress to sell or promote your products such as eBooks or other digital downloads, you’re may find it difficult to create the necessary marketing style landing pages unless you have specific coding or design skills.

Here’s where marketing tools and plugins like Premise come in. This review will break down the many things Premise can do for you and will help you decide whether it’s a better option than hiring designers and coders to create landing pages for you.

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So What Can Premise Do For You?

Premise belongs to the Copyblogger Media roster, along with other tools like Synthesis, StudioPress and Scribe. The plugin enables anyone who uses WordPress to add membership areas, landing pages, checkout pages and other sales-related and marketing pages to their website.

Thanks to its ‘point and click’ interface, all this is possible even if you have no coding or design skills. I’vee found that being at least slightly versed in either area can make the tool a lot more useful, though, so don’t shy away from it thinking it’s meant for complete newbies.

The plugin has a one-time payment of $165 and a 30 day trial period if you want to try it out for free.

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The Key Features Of Premise

There are 6 preset modes or landing page types to choose from, depending on the kind of functionality you need from your page. Each mode comes packed with fonts, colours and styles that can be easily added to any page you create.

premise backend review

Types of landing pages you can create with Premise:

1. Sales Page – This is the old workhorse when it comes time to move more of your product or service. No clutter, comments, or confusion – all action.

2. Email opt-in page – One of the most important tasks before the sale is to get people on your list. Premise makes it easy with integration from Aweber, Mail Chimp, and Constant Contact.

3. Video landing page – As video becomes more important for your messages, video landing pages will be used more and more for sales and lead generation. Again, Premise makes it easier than ever before.

4. Content (SEO) landing page – When you really want to rank for a certain search term, this the landing page to house your cornerstone content. We use a bunch of them on Copyblogger (see Copywriting 101, Content Marketing 101, etc).

5. Pricing page – When you’re selling anything with multiple plans or price points, this page is crucial for clarity. Plus it’s a great way to restate benefits and reverse risk when boosting conversion for any type of offer.

6. Tabbed scroller page – Have you ever noticed the way the Third Tribe site works with the tabs and side-scrolling content? That’s a way to deliver lots of copy without it looking like long copy, and Premise makes it a snap to pull off.

Creating video sales pages with Premise

Creating video sales pages with Premise

Another massive feature of Premise is the collection of over 1,100 custom graphics by designer Rafal Tomal. These can be anything from standard icons to hand-drawn arrows that will come in handy for those who don’t want to spend time or money on having extra designs created as almost everything you need comes ‘in the box’.

As a bonus feature and a unique selling point compared to other tools like OptimizePress™ or LeadPages™, the plugin also comes with copywriting advice to help you write the material that will go on to your pages.

Split-testing is another helpful feature that will come in handy when you want to optimize your page. This creates a duplicate version of your page that can be altered and tested side by side with the existing one to give you a good idea of how different elements of your page, such as specific calls-to-action or price points, fare against one another.

How Does Premise Match Up To The Competition?

premise review wordpress pluginThere’s no doubt that the Premise plugin is helpful when it comes to selling more and better lead generation. There are many other plugins/themes available on the market that can offer a similar package at a lower price, like Authority Pro 2, Flex Squeeze and Insta Builder, which are some of the other options out there.

So where does Premise score?

Premise comes packed with unique features like copywriting advice from the Copyblogger stable and an exhaustive library of custom graphics that can help you design your page better. This stands it out from some of the cheaper options and the fact that is a Copyblogger product adds a level of credibility and security as a buyer.

Premise is a tool with many exclusive features that is on the slightly pricey side. I suggest you sign up for the 30 free day trial period before you make your purchase to figure out if it’s the right plugin for you and your business.

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