3 Main Differences Between OptimizePress 2.0 and LeadPages

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Building a successful online business requires you to do several things — not just build an actual website. First, your website has to attract an audience. Second, it has to be very good at sharing content, the kind of content that attracts the right kind of audience. And third, it’s got to make sales. Whatever it is you’re offering, whether it’s goods or services, you need to make sure that your website isn’t just taking up, so to speak, space on the World Wide Web.

What you need is to incorporate high converting marketing pages, from landing pages to membership portals, from sales pages to launching pages. Sounds like a lot of work and a lot of expense? Not entirely — not when you’re using WordPress-friendly tools like OptimizePress (developed by graphic designer James Dyson) and LeadPages (created by marketing and advertising professional Clay Collins). Both are recognized by industry experts as excellent tools for producing marketing pages that improve bottom lines for any kind of web business.

While both tools do share similarities in terms of their abilities to create the same type of marketing pages, that they’re mobile responsive, and the fact that non-website designers and developers, and basically, non-techies, can actually use them with ease, one will offer what the other one has yet to offer.

LeadPages: Publish Squeeze Pages to Facebook

The main difference between OptimizePress and LeadPages, other than their distinct creators’ backgrounds, is that Collins’s LeadPages allows you to publish any marketing page directly to your Facebook page. This means that you can make the most of your Facebook audience to get leads and opt-ins, using the same design and style of marketing pages on your official website. And you can do so with a mere click of a button. No mess. No fuss. No website designer or developer necessary.

leadpages share on facebook

Publish your LeadPages™ landing pages directly to your Facebook page

LeadPages: Choose Where To Host Your Squeeze Pages

Another point of difference between the two is through hosting. On LeadPages, you can host your landing pages on their own server and you get a link to where you can send traffic. You can even choose to host it on your own server or get the WordPress version to include on an existing website. It is far more flexible than OptimizePress in this area and I personally love the fact that I can host the site on LeadPages’ own server which is fast, reliable and secure. Not to mention it requires no extra work to get it live straight away.

wordpress landing page, leadpages

How to publish a LeadPages landing page

OptimizePress: LiveEditor to fully customize your landing pages

Perhaps the main attraction of OptimizePress for some users is the built-in design elements and the Live Editor system to edit every element of your landing pages. Users of Dyson’s tool find that the on-page graphics and templates have a different kind of visual impact, which makes sense since the creator’s a graphic designer by profession. You get a much more ‘graphic design’ feel to the landing pages when using OP2 compared to LeadPages and I prefer using OP2 when creating websites/landing pages that need to have that more professionally designed look and feel.

LiveEditor feature in OptimizePress 2.0

LiveEditor feature in OptimizePress 2.0

Ultimately, the choice between the two remarkably seamless tools will come right down to your preference. Both come with excellent recommendations and both are likely to give your web business the favorable results it needs to succeed. So find out more about LeadPages and OptimizePress today and make an informed choice.

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